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do the internal housekeeping

Being spiritual, kind and thoughtful can be exhausting. For one thing, there's so many people who need to see that you believe in them, that there is hope, that there is kindness in this crazy beautiful world. Oh, I just realized that you might be thinking that I am talking about myself but I'm not tired at all right now, I'm feeling great and I have a lot of hope for all of us for the future. But in talking with people lately, people whom I believe to be spiritual, kind and thoughtful, I have gotten the message loud and clear that they are tired and I think that from an Astro Weather Energy Matrix perspective you have to look at the fact that since the end of June, June 27th to be exact, the planet Mars has been retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. So you take Aggressive Weirdness and Energetic Revolution and Bring On The Future and then you put the breaks on that, put it in reverse, and send energy into your psyche and what you get is holding yourself up to what you were holding the world up to only eleven days ago. That can be both sobering and debilitating because practically no one can stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

In my four decades of doing astrological study and counseling, and having six retrograde planets in my natal astrological chart, I have come to the conclusion that the difference between retrograde and non-retrograde planets is that when a planet is not retrograde, its energy is directed outward from the individual with the goal of working the individual's will on the world and experiencing the energies of that planet from interaction with others and external forces, or at least that is the best and easiest way to use the energies when the planets is not retrograde. And when a planet IS retrograde then the best and easiest use for its energies is to be inner directed, to have its main influence on one's inner dialogue with a goal to doing the internal housekeeping that will strengthen and restore the individual so that when the planet's energies go direct, those energies will once again be interacting with the world but from a now strengthened and restored individual, i.e., you and me!

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