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Mercury and Venus are in Leo!

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes how each of us thinks and communicates, and that includes how we listen, too. Mercury has been in the sensitive, nurturing sign of Cancer so if you have been in your self-protective shell or mothering others or even yourself, well, that ship has sailed! When you see the sign of Leo, think IT'S SHOWTiME!

Leo is showbiz, theater, the display of art and music performed for others. Leo needs an audience. Venus is there, too, and with Venus and Mercury in Leo it is not a time to "hide your light under a bushel basket," as it says in the bible.

Think about the male Lion, he sleeps all day or most of it, the female lionesses are the best hunters and they drive their prey to the male who kills it, eats the best part, and goes back to sleep.

Sound like any Leo males you know? Obviously, Leo females are pretty amazing and not just because they have to deal with male Leos, nothing can stop them when they are on the hunt.

And this is true for anyone with any planet in Leo, it gives an attractive glow, a charisma to that person. But I mean Mercury has JUST entered Leo, so if you're feeling like the way you are thinking now is different than the way you were thinking only hours ago, you are in the Astro Weather Energy Matrix flow!!!

With Mercury and Venus in the fixed sign of Leo, don't expect people to change their minds now and that is about anything. It's hard to get people to change their minds on the best of days but when Mercury and Venus are in the Fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, you might as well go fix yourself a sandwich rather than waste your time and energy trying to convince anyone the sky is blue.

And don't be surprised if you run into, "Don't solve the problem, fix the blame (on someone!)" Leo's are great leaders and great leaders rarely say, "My mistake." The ones who do really are great leaders.

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