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What about Chiron now being in Aries?

Well, since I was a musician in the sixties, I’ll put it in those terms. In my opinion, the idealistic, sensual, free-flowing, peace and love energies prevalent in music during the sixties gave way to the martial beat of of what came to be known as Disco.

The musicians of the sixties started to be replaced by synthesizers and, I can barely stand to write the words, DJ’s. Disk Jockeys were not the millionaire superstars that they now are at that time, it was the earliest of early days, but that’s when it started. Musicianship? Out. Mechanical exploitation of musical artists and less venues for them to work? In, really, really in.

A very obvious expression of how Chiron in Aries is manifesting is the speed at which trauma has consequences. As the comedienne Roseanne Barr has proved, if you break the boundary of the acceptable level of trauma you present to someone, something that in the past that they would have had to deal with, no matter how disgusting, Chiron is Aries time is a time when you, yourself, will be attacked and defeated by Chiron in the sign of the god of war.

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