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Symbolic Language: Tarot & Astrology

In 1974, while making my living as a musician, I met Amy. She was an artist, but was studying astrology and the tarot and, since I was studying Amy, I learned astrology and the tarot. I had thought both subjects were weird and fake, too, but I soon learned differently.

I learned that astrology is not just the daily stuff you read on the web and in newspapers - learning to read a real Astrology horoscope, a map of how the planets lined up around you at the moment you were born, was like learning to read an ancient symbolic language and an eloquent one, at that. Astrology could be used to gain insight into a person’s inner life, with all of its tendencies and peculiarities; it even could be used to look at a person’s past, present, and future with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

I learned that tarot cards could also be used to look at a person’s past, present, and future, but that it was helpful in a different way. Learning to read the tarot cards was like getting a course on how people react and behave, both for good and ill, in social situations. The images on the cards were of people, rich and poor, doing and feeling and thinking and possessing things that we all do.

Astrology and the tarot came to be Amy and my languages of love as we matured individually and as wife and husband. We found that both of these “mantic” arts helped us learn about ourselves, each other, and other people and events, but they also helped us to make better decisions and otherwise improve our lives. Using the symbolic languages of astrology and tarot card reading is practically guaranteed to improve your intuition, and that is what happened to us.

To see all the books and tools Amy and I have created together about Astrology and Tarot, go here.

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