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What makes your Sun Sign Tick?

What Makes an Aries tick? More afraid of being afraid than of anything else, Arians are always trying to prove how brave they are. Arians must remember that fear and self-doubt are not signs of weakness or losing control; nor are they a guarantee of failure.

What Makes a Taurus tick?

They are not quick to engage in a confrontation, but swallowing too much anger can make them sick, literally and guratively, or cause them to explode into a rage like a bull.

What Makes a Gemini tick? Geminis want to experience life fully and in as many different ways as they can. They may even go so far as to live something of a double life. At the very least, they have two opinions about everything—more, if they have actually studied a particular subject in depth.

What Makes a Cancer tick? More than those born under any other sign, Cancerians are driven by feel- ings and intuition. Even though they are intelligent, practical people, they use their feelings as a sort of radar, and a great many of their decisions are based on this radar.

What Makes a Leo tick? Leos may worry that they are not as proud, powerful, or good a leader as they wish they were, and that people who matter to them will discover this fact.

What Makes a Virgo tick? Virgos are driven by the search for perfection in every way. This quest is apparent in everything they do or say—and especially in what they don’t (or won’t) do or say.

What Makes a Libra tick? Libras are driven by the desire to bring beauty and harmony to their world and the world at large. They have refined tastes and may actually recoil from things that are ugly, loud, or unpleasant.

What Makes a Scorpio tick?

Scorpios are keen students of psychology and always want to know what makes people do the things they do. Compulsions and strange behavior do not faze a Scorpio one bit. In fact, her curiosity is piqued.

What Makes a Sagittarius tick? The lesson for Sagittarians to learn is that there is an important reason their life does not provide them with as many opportunities to travel, learn, and teach as they would like.

What Makes a Capricorn tick? The lesson for Capricorns centers on the important reason that their life does not provide them with as many opportunities to enjoy success, wealth, and happiness as they would like.

What Makes an Aquarius tick?

They sometimes make such extreme changes that in their enthusiasm to get rid of the old ways they can destroy valuable things from the past that still have great usefulness.

What Makes a Pisces tick? The lesson for Pisces centers on why her life does not provide her with as many opportunities as she would like to use her unique sensitivity to others to gain the appreciation of those she would most like to help and associate with.

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