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"The Stars incline, they do not compel." - Ptolemy 2nd Century astrologer of renown

Throughout history, some have prospered while others have not, some have known joy while at the same moment others knew unimaginable sorrow, all of them living under the same astrological weather - how is this possible?

More precisely, how can anyone justify believing (be living) that astrology is valid and helpful to navigating one's life, given that we're all living in the same planetary energy matrix? That's why I'm here, to 'splain the unexsplainable!

The key to understanding how the same astro weather can manifest so differently in different people is to realize that people really are different and so are their astrological charts, their horoscopes (hora = hour and scopos = to look at), also known as one's "natal" chart as in the word "nativity."

The constantly moving planets imbue the astro weather energy matrix of the moment into babies as they take their first breath (which is why Ceasarian births have accurate birth times, too). So each of us is actually a living breathing astro energy matrix in flesh, a sentient hologram of the moment of our birth that's been influenced by our genetics, environment, our experiences, and our reactions to our experiences, too.

So remember what it says in the Bible, "The Sabbath was made for Man, not Man for the Sabbath." Same thing with astrology. Astrology and all divination is, to me, the spice of life. But no one can exist eating only spices.

My astro weather reports and alerts are to help you prepare for general themes that you can expect in your inner and outer experience, not to scare, intimidate or prevent you from living your life to the full. The stars incline, they do not compel.

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