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How the Sun Signs Eat

When it comes to eating, each zodiac sign is very different. We all have different personalities around food. Here’s a little taste of from SIGNS & SEASONS: An Astrology Cookbook:


How they Eat: Aries love fast food, anything that can be made and eaten quickly without fussing. They favor piquant and bold tastes. They love starters and appetizers as well as breakfasts.


How they Eat: Taureans are the most sensual of all the zodiac signs and they eat slowly, savoring every morsel. They like big helpings and creamy dishes like a quiche or chocolate mousse.


How they Eat: Gemini’s need for mental stimulation keeps them constantly on the go and a variety of snacks are what keeps them going. A lively, interesting conversation during the meal is just as important as the food.


How they Eat: Cancer natives are very sensitive and have sensitive stomachs. They are attracted to comfort foods. Cancer enjoys dining at home more than dining out. They love anything homemade and freshly baked.


How they Eat: Leos are flamboyant and like to make a performance out of everything they do. When they eat they let everyone know how delightful or distasteful it is. Leos like to eat in a royal way.


How they Eat: Small, nourishing and frequent meals work best for a Virgo. They are fidgety and like to eat on the go or standing. They are finicky eaters though you might not think so because they always seem to be eating something.


How they Eat: Eating is an art to a Libra. They desire to have everything fair and equal means that they are very aware of portion size and presentation. It is often difficult for Libras to decide what they want to eat.


How they Eat: Scorpios really get into the sensuous, satisfying experience of eating.

They crave intensity and the foods they are drawn to usually exhibit pure, strong flavors and aromas. They eat what they want when they want it.


How they Eat: Sagittarians love to eat because they are dedicated to enjoying life’s bounty. They believe without question that they are what they eat. As lovers of nature, they need lots of pure water and fresh foods.


How they Eat: Capricorns are traditional people and like their meals regular and on time. They know what they like. They prefer to eat the things they have eaten since they were children. Many of them can eat the same thing everyday!


How they Eat: Aquarians love to eat with friends and prefer a no-fuss atmosphere where they are free to be themselves. They are usually on the cutting edge of new thought regarding food. Freshness and sustainability are important to them.


How they Eat: Pisces love delicate, gentle food that is simply prepared. Some may have strong cravings or phobias about eating certain foods. A sweet tooth may be present, as they long for sweetness in all areas of life.

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