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***ASTRO DIETARY ALERT*** Retrograde Eating Disorder edition

Both astronomers and astrologers actually agree on something: what constitutes a “retrograde” planet. The motion of any planet in our solar system is said to be retrograde when, from our point of view here on Earth, that planet’s motion appears to slow down, stop, and start going backwards when plotted against the backdrop of the signs of the Zodiac. No planet actually changes direction, of course, but because of our relative speeds and positions around the Sun, this optical illusion causes it to appear so. To bring it down to Earth, think of a fast train overtaking a slower train; the slow train appears to be moving slower and slower and then suddenly it appears to be standing still, relative to the train your standing on, and then it appears to go backwards!

Now how do you think you’re supposed to eat if you’re in the dining car of a train that slows down, stops and starts moving backwards? That’s easy: carefully, if you eat anything at all. We all have to eat, however, retrograde planets or not. Actually, there’s usually a planet or two retrograde at any given time, though occasionally there are none or a profusion of retrogrades like the day of my birth.

As I write this, both Venus and Jupiter are retrograde, Venus in the sign of Pisces (after a toe dip in the following sign of Aries) and Jupiter in the sign of Libra. Of even greater significance to astrologers and expectant mothers who are into astrology is the fact that the planet Saturn is what we call “stationary retrograde,” meaning that for the next couple of days it is appearing to stand still before making its four month march backwards through the sign of Sagittarius. A baby born on a stationary planetary day, retrograde or direct, is often seen to display an uncanny ability in one or more of the areas ruled by that planet. Babies born with Saturn stationary in Sagittarius will be exalted as teachers who combine the best the world has to offer us, exemplary executives, and authorities in their chosen field.

My wife, Amy Zerner is an NEA award winning fine artist and couture fashion designer exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman for sixteen years and was born on a station of the planet Uranus, the planet of revolutionary invention and genius, among other things. It also rules astrology and when I met Amy she was studying astrology and, since I was studying Amy, I learned astrology. I had previously thought of myself as more of a scientist but keeping a skeptical mind found that there was a lot to it; it soon became our language of love.

Mr. Retrograde, that’s me, was born during a stationary Neptune period and over the course of my lifetime I have developed my spiritual understanding and intuitive abilities as my profession, two of the many areas of life ruled by Neptune.

There is nothing as spiritual as how our life is sustained and enabled by the food we eat and there is no time as stressful for most people as when one or more planets are retrograde. The symbol used by both astrologers and astronomers to indicate a planet is retrograde is the same Rx symbol one sees used by pharmacists, only a retrograde planet in the sky usually coincides with a nervous eating time here on Earth.

You’ve probably heard the “Mercury Retrograde” blamed for all sorts of mix ups and mash ups. Mercury is all about communication and Mercury Retrograde is a time of communication problems, or should I say more communication problems than usual. It’s like that with all the planets and the areas of life that they rule. The easy way to remember it is “be aware or you’ll have to beware.” This is especially true when it comes to food, be aware of what and why you are eating or you’ll find yourself having to lose weight you should never have gained.

When Mercury is retrograde, make sure communications are clearly sent and accurately received. And watch out that you don’t eat a bag or two of pretzel sticks when problems are revealed.

When Venus is retrograde, as it is now, be aware of the state of your relationships, not just what you think or want them to be. You have a chance to strengthen them if you are aware. If you just assume things are just fine, like they’ve always been, you may find you are wrong. And, if that’s the case, make sure that you’re not polishing off a calorie rich treat that you would and should share with someone if your relationship was not so problematic.

When Mars is retrograde, be aware that others may not be as mature as you and may act in aggravating ways. Your actions may result in reactions that you had not planned on. If this happens, don’t get angry or get even or, if you do, do it decisively and skillfully. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself eating a lot of spicy food to fan your flames and help you feel like something actually happened.

When Jupiter is retrograde, as it is now, you may find that you are not as aware of your blessings and good fortune as you suddenly realize you are. This can often happen when we become aware of the troubles of others and can cause the ingestion of large quantities of whatever you deem comfort food. You may find yourself trying the comfort food of other nations in lieu of being able to travel to them.

When Saturn is retrograde, as it is now, be aware of how you relate to authority, both external authority and how much of an authority you are perceived to be by those you care about. If you are not comfortable with how much regard others have for your opinions and requirements you may find yourself eating a lot of dry bread and other “prison” food, things you think won’t put weight on but may because of the quantity and carbs involved.

When Uranus is retrograde you will be made very aware of whether or not you have made your life a statement of your originality. If you feel stifled or bored or old or anything other than excited and grateful to be alive, you may find yourself eating the weirdest things you’ve ever eaten. That could be bizarre food combining or eating things that you’ve always said you were going to try but never did.

When Neptune is retrograde, we need to become aware of the limitations of our intuitive and even our spiritual natures. The law of All Things In Balance and Moderation is always in effect and violating it can result in our intuition being misread and, therefore, letting us down or leading us astray. The eating habits to be aware of during this time are those where you are eating for “spiritual” reasons and may be working against the best interests of you body.

When Pluto is retrograde, we need to become aware of the effect our power of judgment is being used, under-utilized, or abused. To astrologers, Pluto is, was, and always will be a planet and one of the most important and powerful planets, too. Our eating may be fueled by our lack of confidence in our judgment or even by our judging ourselves and finding that we are wanting in some way. It is almost a given that at this time we will be drawn to the foods that are absolutely the worst possible things we can be eating, in terms of what is good for our health. We may not eat a lot of these self-defeating foods but they will have a powerful effect on our bodies.

So now you have something no one else knows, the food cravings one can expect to experience when the various planets are retrograde. Be aware of your eating so you don’t have to beware of popping buttons!

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