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This is one of the artworks I created to illustrate SIGNS & SEASONS. Inspired by the magnificent swans in the beautifully picturesque East Hampton Town Pond near where we live, I created a tribute in the form of a collage painting. We love to watch the swans through the seasons, soulmates, building their nest, then the baby swans come. So lovely and graceful.

As a collage artist, I like to work intuitively, with no preconceived ideas except a concept I am inspired by or a spiritual feeling I want to express. I assemble my palette of papers, fabrics, imagery, markers, pencils,scissors, paints and a host of found objects, and turn them into my dream visions. I begin with this collection of elements and play with them until the dream begins to form before me. The image is built up as the mix of media is brought together.

Different areas are embraced in different ways. Some are painted while others are alternately lavishly embellished or cut up and used to produce a simple contrasting area to that elaboration.

The Swan symbolizes Grace, Beauty, Power of Self. As a totem symbol, the Swan inspires us to realize our own true beauty and helps us unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers. The Swan can show you how to reveal the inner beauty within yourself and in others.

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