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I think we can all benefit from doing my 60 Second Chakra Tune-up. It can re-energize while at the same time help you feel relaxed enough to go to sleep. Give it a try:

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and comfortably.

See in your mind's eye the white light of a diamond shape floating above your head.

See the light pouring through your head and moving down your spine. Imagine this pure white light moving down your back to the base of your spine or root chakra energizing the chakra centers preparing your energies for the opening process.

Beginning at the base of your spine imagine the divine light collecting at root chakra. Imagine the white energy spinning in a clockwise motion and changing to red lightwhich will energize the root chakra .

Imagine the red light moving up the spine to the Creativity chakra in your belly. changing color from red to orange, filling the chakra and energizing it with orange light.

Continue this imagery, moving the orange creativity light from your belly moving up to the Solar Plexus. Spin the energy just a little faster and imagine it changing to a bright clear yellow.

Move the yellow light to the Adrenal chakra, spinning a little faster and bringing a golden power energy.

Move the yellow light from the adrenals up to the Heart Chakra. Spin the energy a little faster and imagine the color changing to a clear and vibrant emerald green.

Move the green light up to the throat chakra, spinning the energy a little quicker and moving the energy color to a brilliant blue.

Move the blue light up to the third eye and spin the energy faster. By now, the energy should be moving very quickly and moves from the blue energy to a deep indigo to strengthen your intuition.

Move the indigo light up to the crown chakra at the top of the head. The energy moves faster here than any of the other chakra points. Imagine the indigo light spinning clockwise and changing to a very bright and vivid violet.

Now imagine the white light connecting all your centers and stimulating your kundilini flow. As the energy combines, imagine all the energies mixing into a very bright white divine light.

As the light travels through the centers, imagine it growing and becoming stronger, filling you with divine light and energy.

See the light go back into the diamond of pure white light floating above your head.

It is always there, available to recharge and refresh you.

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