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Coloring enthusiasts are all about coloring, so here are some suggestions I have for coloring our Enchanted Tarot and our Enchanted Worlds Coloring Books for the Soul! You can never have too many pencils or markers..collect and share them with your friends! A fine point is best for my books. My artwork for these two books is elaborate and full of magical details, so you will need a fine point and a little patience. Slow down – enjoy yourself and you relax and become more mindful, and you will be happier with your coloring pages.

Infuse Coloring with Your Intention

With these books, while you color, you are meditating on the magic and meaning of each image, with words and affirmations by Monte. It becomes a ritual. We incorporate the intention of each tarot card and affirm each Enchanted World drawing with a message. We always like to balance wise words and images. That is our speciality. Coloring is elevated to a spiritual practice. There becomes an ebb and flow between image and the silence and the words. My art is an expression of the spiritual exploration of all the enchantment around me.

What To Color With?

When you're coloring as an adult, clunky crayons just don't cut it anymore! Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils and Caran D’ache luminance pencils are both really good. Sharpen often to keep the tip tip-top!

In regard to coloring tools, more color choices, the better! Buy the biggest selection of colors that you can afford. It ends up being cheaper than buying a small box of 12 or 24. I recommend Staedler or Stabilo 88 markers. Some of you prefer to use colored pencils in combination with these fine line markers and it is always fun to add a little sparkle with gel pens and metallic markers to highlight an area with a glitter or metallic effect. I love Prisma pencils, have been using them for years. There are several great brands of dual tipped markers with a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. I like this versatility. These doubled ended markers are best stored horizontally. Glitter glue, Sharpies, inside the lines, outside the lines— have fun! One of the best things about coloring is that there are no rules! Coloring is free-flowing, fun and relaxing.

The Best Tip? Here is the best coloring book coloring tip: make a simple color sample chart of your magic markers for color reference. It would be helpful to organize the markers by color, or by brand. That way you will know how the colors appear on paper before you start coloring. Then lay out all of your coloring pencils and markers and simply start coloring. Don’t worry about the colors you choose but let your intuition guide you - the creative sixth sense that guides us as artists. By letting go fear and doubt, the blocks that discourage creativity, we discover new techniques, new ways to practice and experiment, so we can go to new levels of awareness and confidence.

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